Always Fun!

“I was a voice student of Susan’s from the age of eleven to nineteen. As a teacher, Susan always provided patience, respect, motivation and creative input. Susan is an amazing woman to learn from, and provides every student with complete support and honesty. More than anything, Susan’s classes were always fun.”

Robyn Conway

Positive & Supportive

Susan is an amazing vocal teacher and a talented musician. She is a lot of fun to work with, and is always very positive and supportive. Since I started taking voice lessons with Susan, my technique has substantially improved and my range has increased. I am now able to sing many songs that I wasn’t technically able to before. As well, Susan has encouraged me to find my own identity as a singer, which has been very empowering and also helps when it comes to choosing songs that best represent my personality and vocal style. Thank you, Susan

Melanie Amm

She Inspires Us

A couple of years ago, we formed a vocal trio under Susan’s fantastic musical guidance. Two of us had been taking individual lessons with her for many years and she encouraged us to invite one of our friends to form this ensemble. Now, together, we arrange and practise songs for voice and piano, and have been able to further develop our skills and our passion for music. Susan offers us her own creative talent, and inspires us to build our own individual musical styles. We have benefited from Susan’s enthusiasm, knowledge and her unique teaching ability, in addition to the love of music that she has given us.

Johanna, Emma and Janna


Perfect balance

Most kids take piano lessons. Most kids eventually quit piano lessons. But I’m thrilled to say that my kids really look forward to their time with Susan. I think it’s because she finds a perfect balance between technique and musicality, gentle encouragement and goal-oriented structure. Whether they’re on a rigorous conservatory program or just dreaming of singing for an audience, Susan obviously takes real pleasure in seeing ‒ and hearing ‒ her students grow. And this joy is infectious.

It’s unlikely my kids are going to be concert pianists ‒ but what they get with Susan is a genuine love of music and a foundation that will make music a part of their lives forever. And that’s a real achievement for which I’m grateful.

Richard Mortimer, Zack and Isabel’s Dad

Nurtures Exploration

Susan’s been like family for us. When our girls started with her, they were so young it was a big stretch to walk home a block alone. Now the older one’s finishing high school. They’ve changed schools a couple of times; schoolteachers, a dozen. All the while, Susan’s been a calm, supportive adult presence they’ve come to rely on.

As parents, we rely on her, too ‒ to quietly nurture our girls’ exploration of themselves and their musical potential. Susan doesn’t pigeonhole her students or expect them to fit a preconceived model. Rather, she’s genuinely interested in what makes them tick ‒ as musicians and as people -‒ and prods them to stay engaged and find their own path.

Tilman and Kate Lewis, parents of Johanna and Thea

Gentle Discipline

Our daughters have taken piano and voice lessons with Susan for many years. Her enthusiasm creates a fun environment in which her students are inspired to learn. She is sensitively attuned to each child, and her gentle discipline helps them to commit and achieve satisfying results.

Liz Kalman and Mark Czarnecki, Parents of Jessica and Rebecca


Energy, Dedication and Excellent Rapport

Susan is an excellent musician and teacher. I have been organizing piano and vocal recitals with her for the past ten years and have always been impressed by her energy, dedication and the excellent rapport that she has with all of her students. She encourages each of them to find their own musical “voice,” something that I feel is an extremely important and overlooked aspect of music education. In a field where the emphasis is often on grades and technical proficiency, she focuses on creating a positive musical experience.”

Marcel Aucoin, Musician, Songwriter, Teacher

Talent & Training

Over the past ten years, I have had the pleasure of working with Susan Murumets in a variety of musical settings. From the studio, to the stage, to the classroom, her innate vocal gifts and sense of professionalism have always ensured a positive work environment.

I have hired Susan as a session vocalist in my studio on a number of occasions. Her sense of pitch, solid understanding of tone, and disciplined microphone technique have made the recording process both quick and productive. I have also shared a stage with Susan at a number of different venues. She has a phenomenal ear for harmony and her ability to engage and maintain the attention of an audience is an invaluable trait in a vocalist.

Lastly, I have had the privilege of working alongside Susan in a music education setting. She is uniquely adept at understanding the varied needs of each new vocalist, and the students are always comforted by Susan’s patience, encouragement and approachable nature.

Susan possesses the perfect combination of talent and training to expertly assist any student on their musical journey.

Robbie Roth, Singer/Songwriter, Composer for New Broadway Production, “Flashdance”