Kids! Gotta love them, but they don’t all come to music lessons of their own volition and they don’t all want to stick it out. I’ve been doing this long enough to know that to keep them engaged for the long haul I have to keep it fun, flexible, energetic and silly ‒ but still structured. I find that if I approach students in a playful way then I am much more likely to keep them interested and learning.

Kids like to be “known” and “heard,” and that”s a big part of my job. We often chat a bit, play piano a bit, chat a bit, sing a bit, and chat some more. We still get lots of work done, but the child I am working with gets to be seen as more than merely a little piano player or singer. I love hearing their thoughts and feelings and they like being heard.

In addition to scales, pieces and theory, we play music games, we write songs, we add lyrics to tunes they are learning from their lesson books, we colour, and sometimes we snack on goodies I have in my studio. I teach from a variety of lesson books, and I’m happy to prepare students for Royal Conservatory exams if so desired.

I keep it open and free. The kids get to decide what we do first, second and third in the lesson, as long as we get to the work at hand. It’s a joint venture and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I adore my kids and am delighted to say that I have taught many of them for eight years and counting!